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General Information

FAQs – General Information

How do I pay for school lunches?

I think I may be entitled to free school meals.

If I think my child hasn’t brought a letter home, how can I check?

Do you have pre-loved uniform for sale?

My child has head-lice, does my child have to stay at home?

Do the children go on a residential trip?

Do the children go on school trips?

How can I order new uniform?

Does my child need to bring sun cream to school in the summer months?

Will my child have swimming lessons?

General Information

Lunch Payments

The current cost of a school lunch is £2.45. Payment can be made on-line by registering with, by cheque (payable to WLP) or in cash via the class register. We ask that lunches for the week are paid for on a Monday.

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Free School Meals

Please click the link to Free School Meals for more information about whether you may be eligible. If you would like any further help, please contact Mrs Lane.

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Copies of letters can be found in the Noticeboard section of our website. Occasionally if letters are only applicable to a few children your child can see Mrs Lane for another copy as it may not be on the website.

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Pre-loved Uniform

If you would like to have a look at our pre-loved uniform please come to reception where someone will be able to help. We only offer good quality and clean items at a cost £1 per item.

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We ask that your child’s hair is treated for head-lice before coming to school. We would appreciate you informing us if your child has head-lice so that we can get other parents to also be vigilant. Thank you.

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Residential Trip

Currently, our children go on a residential trip to an activity centre in Year 6. This is typically for 2 nights/3 days in the autumn term. The children get to experience some challenging tasks such as raft building, climbing, zip wires and more. We feel this is a valuable addition to the children’s education who usually come back full of pride from their achievements and having formed stronger bonds with their peers.

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School Trips

Each year group will usually go on a visit linked to the curriculum, we have had visits to historical venues, science museums and places of natural beauty. We also invite visitors into school to enhance our learning, one such memorable visit was from the archaeologists who brought in some of the artefacts found in Pocklington.

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Please use the link to visit our school uniform page.

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Sun Cream

During the summer months we recommend an all day sun cream formula is applied to your child before coming to school. Children can bring sun cream to school but must be responsible for applying it themselves. Staff are not permitted to do this.

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Swimming Lessons

Children will usually have a course of swimming lessons in Year 4.

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