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The School Day

Inside the Classroom

General Information

The School Day:

I would like to have a look round the school.

I need to get an urgent message to my child.

I would like to report an absence.

My child needs to take some medicine during the school day.

My child has an appointment to attend during the school day.

What happens if my child is late?

I would like to volunteer in school.

I would like my child to have a home lunch.

I am concerned about my child at playtime.

My child said they didn’t have time for their lunch.

I would like my child to start walking home alone, do I need to let the school know?

My child has lost an item of clothing, what is the lost property process?

What does my child need to bring to school each day?

Inside the Classroom:

Who are the class teachers for each year group?

What is the best way to contact my child’s teacher if I do not come to the school?

I am concerned about my child’s progress.

How is my child’s progress monitored?

What is enquiry-based learning?

Are there any websites I can use to help my child’s learning?

My child is interested in learning a musical instrument.

How should the School Planner be used?

What homework can we expect our child to get?

General Information

How do I pay for school lunches?

I think I may be entitled to free school meals.

If I think my child hasn’t brought a letter home, how can I check?

Do you have pre-loved uniform for sale?

My child has head-lice, does my child have to stay at home?

Do the children go on a residential trip?

Do the children go on school trips?

How can I order new uniform?

Does my child need to bring sun cream to school in the summer months?

Will my child have swimming lessons?

Arranging a look round our school

Please contact Mrs Yeates 01759 302224 to arrange a visit. Mrs Yeates will give you a tour of the school, answer your questions and talk to you about our values. Please be mindful that if this is during the school day, some areas may be inaccessible.

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Urgent Messages

If you do need to leave an urgent message for your child please call us direct 01759 302224 option 2, rather than email or text.  A message will then be taken to your child’s class.

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Reporting an Absence

Please contact us on 01759 302224 option 1 to report an absence. If we have not heard from you before 9.15am, Mrs Yeates sends an automated text to remind parents they need to contact the school about their child’s absence.

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Administering medicine

If your child needs to take a prescription medicine during the school day please come to the school office where you will need to complete and sign a permission form. This form provides a record of what medicine is being administered when and by whom. If you have any queries regarding this, Mrs Yeates is our designated First Aid staff member and administer of medication – 01759 302224 option 2.

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Appointments during the school day

If your child needs to attend an appointment please put this in writing with the date of the appointment and the time your child will be collected from school. A  copy of the hospital (or other)  appointment letter is always useful for our attendance record keeping. This should be given to the class teacher who will then send it the office via the class register.

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If your child is late

Please enter via our main reception if the gate has been locked. Parents will be asked to fill in a late register with a reason for lateness and must report to an office staff member if a school dinner is required.

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We encourage and really appreciate anyone who would like to come in to school to help the children read, mark spellings, help with displays or offer some experience in other ways. Please collect and complete a registration form available from reception and Mrs Narey,  our Business Manager, will get in touch with you.

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Home Lunch

Please inform your child’s class teacher via their planner or a letter. Lunch is 11.45pm until 12.45pm for Years 3&4 and 12.15pm-1.15pm for Years 5&6.

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Playtime Concerns

We have a number of lunchtime supervisors and members of PocklingTEAM on hand every lunchtime who are there to help the children enjoy their playtime and at morning break there are teachers and PocklingTEAM members available. In the event there is an issue that you wish to discuss about your child, Mrs Gray is available on the playground when the doors open most mornings and can be contacted at the school 01759 302224.

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Time for Lunch

Now we have introduced the split year lunch times we have found that children have plenty of time for lunch and to get to any lunchtime clubs. Early lunch passes are available for children where there are time constraints.

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Children Walking Home

We would appreciate, if your child is in year 3 or 4, that their teacher is informed if they are allowed to leave the school unaccompanied at the end of the day. Teachers do come out with these year groups and children are only to leave the teacher when they see their parent/carer. The class teacher should also be informed if your child is going home with someone different, such as a friend.

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Lost Property

We have a designated area outside the staff room where all lost property is held. All named clothing is passed back to the individual which is why we stress the importance of naming all items. Children are allowed to check for lost property at the end of the school day.

Needed in school

Your child will need to have their PE kit in school, a water bottle and rainproof/weatherproof coat. All stationery items are supplied.

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The Class Teachers :

Year 3 – Miss Ridlington (Class Solomons)  & Miss Childs (Class Ardagh)

Year 3/4 – Mrs Carlisle/Mrs Cave (Class Baddiel)

Year 4 – Miss Millar (Class Juster) & Mr Morrison (Class Almond)

Year 5 – Mrs Penfold (Class Welford), Ms Booth (Class Cottrell-Boyce)  & Mr Horrocks (Class Williamson)

Year 6 – Miss Whitworth (Class Angus), Miss Hooson (Class Bunzl) & Miss Birrell (Class Carroll)

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Contacting Class Teachers

Please use your child’s planner to communicate with your child’s class teacher. Planners are in the classroom with your child every day and the most effective way to pass messages to the teacher and receive a response. Teachers are usually available on the playground at the end of the school day.

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My Child’s Progress

If you have concerns about your child’s progress the class teacher will be the person to speak to, they are available at the end of each school day. Alternatively, a letter via the planner to ask for a meeting or a telephone call is an option.

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How Progress is Monitored

Our teachers use target trackers to assess and record the progress of the children. These will be presented to you at parents’ evenings and throughout the school year. The trackers are designed to provide you and your child with information about the achievements they have made and the targets they are working towards.

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Enquiry Led Learning

Enquiry is at the heart of our curriculum and represents the vehicle by which we develop our values and deliver the curriculum. Children are involved in what they want to learn about and then our teachers work hard to facilitate this to make sure our curriculum is met.

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Learning Websites

Please use the link below to see our useful website links.

Websites to help learning.

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Learning an Instrument

We have a vast amount of learning opportunities for music. If your child is interested in learning an instrument, please contact the school office. It may be that your child will need to be added to our waiting list. Alternatively see our music section on the website which has a link to the local music shop.

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School Planner

Please record the number of pages your child has read at home e.g. pgs 10-15 and make a note on the days your child practices spellings and times tables. The class teacher will then tick these off each week and sign to show they have noted the work being done at home. There is also a reading log at the back of the planner which can be used to record your child’s book choice and reading.

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After discussion with parents, children and staff we do not set weekly homework other than the core reading, spelling and times tables. At certain times children may get adhoc work for projects, Class Landings or when working towards SATs.

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General Information

Lunch Payments

The current cost of a school lunch is £2.30. Payment can be made on-line by registering with or by cash via the class register. We ask that lunches for the week are paid for on a Monday.

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Free School Meals

Please click the link to Free School Meals for more information about whether you may be eligible. If you would like any further help, please contact Mrs Lane.

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Copies of letters can be found in the Noticeboard section of our website. Occasionally if letters are only applicable to a few children your child can see Mrs Lane for another copy as it may not be on the website.

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Pre-loved Uniform

If you would like to have a look at our pre-loved uniform please come to reception where someone will be able to help. We only offer good quality and clean items at a cost £1 per item.

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We ask that your child’s hair is treated for head-lice before coming to school. We would appreciate you informing us if your child has head-lice so that we can get other parents to also be vigilant. Thank you.

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Residential Trip

Currently, our children go on a residential trip to an activity centre in Year 6. This is typically for 2 nights/3 days in the summer term. The children get to experience some challenging tasks such as raft building, climbing, zip wires and more. We feel this is a valuable addition to the children’s education who usually come back full of pride from their achievements and having formed stronger bonds with their peers.

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School Trips

Each year group will usually go on a visit linked to the curriculum, we have had visits to historical venues, science museums and places of natural beauty. We also invite visitors into school to enhance our learning, one such memorable visit was from the archaeologists who brought in some of the artefacts found in Pocklington recently.

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Please use the link to visit our school uniform page.

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Sun Cream

During the summer months we recommend an all day sun cream formula is applied to your child before coming to school. Children can bring sun cream to school but must be responsible for applying it themselves. Staff are not permitted to do this.

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Swimming Lessons

Children will have a course of swimming lessons in Year 4.

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