Pocklington Community Junior School

Meet the Staff

We have a dedicated team of staff at Pocklington Community Junior School, all of whom are lifelong learners and are dedicated to ensuring our school is the best that it can be, every day.

Senior Leaders

Mrs Foxton – Headteacher, Leadership and Management, Quality of Teaching and Learning, Daily Premises and Operation, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Attendance, Behaviour Lead

Miss Whitworth – Assistant Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Teaching and Learning Lead, Assessment Lead, Computing Lead, PHSE Lead, HLTAs

Miss Kirk – SENDCo, Pupil Premium Lead, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Designated Teacher for LAC and PLAC, Teaching Assistants Lead

Class Teachers

Mrs Wells – Y3/4 Teacher, Science Subject Leader

Mrs Walker – Y3/4 Teacher, Design & Technology Subject Leader

Mrs Winlow – Y3/4 Teacher, ICT Subject Leader

Miss Childs – Y3/4 Teacher, Geography & Sport (including Sports Premium) Subject Leader

Mr White – Y3/4 Teacher, History Subject Leader

Mrs Penfold – Y5/6 Teacher, Art Subject Leader

Mrs Fitzpatrick – Y5/6 Teacher, Maths and MFL Subject Leader

Miss Whitworth – Y5/6 Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Leader and PHSE Subject Leader

Mrs Whincup – Y/6 Teacher, Music Subject Leader and English: Reading Subject Leader

Miss Kirk – Y5/6 Teacher, SENDco, Pupil Premium Leader, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Millar – Y5/6 Teacher, English: Writing Subject Leader

Miss Evans – ‘The Nest’ (ERP) Teacher, Religious Education Subject Leader

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Auton – Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Mrs Briggs – Teaching Assistant, Interventions

Mrs Ewens – Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Miss Hiscoe – Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Mrs Firth – Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Mrs Jobson – Teaching Assistant – Interventions

Miss Knowles – Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mrs Linfoot – Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)

Mrs Nevill – Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Mrs Peckover – Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Miss Purkis – Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Miss Smith – Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mrs Taylor – Teaching Assistant – The Nest TA and Interventions

Miss Waite – Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Mrs White – Teaching Assistant (1:1)


Mrs Narey – Operations and Trust Business Support Manager – Finance, Premises, HR

Miss Wright – Communication, Admin & Attendance Manager& Early Doors Club Leader

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Guest – Senior Midday Supervisor & Play Leader

Mrs Ewens – Assistant Midday Supervisor & Lunchtime Play Leader

Miss Fenton – Assistant Midday Supervisor & Lunchtime Play Leader

Mrs Firth – Assistant Midday Supervisor & Lunchtime Play Leader

Miss Hiscoe – Assistant Midday Supervisor & Lunchtime Play Leader

Mrs Phillips – Assistant Midday Supervisor & Lunchtime Play Leader

Miss Purkis – Assistant Midday Supervisor & Lunchtime Play Leader

Miss Savage – Assistant Midday Supervisor & Lunchtime Play Leader


Ms Redford – Head Cook

Mrs Farrow – Assistant Cook

Mrs Skipper – Kitchen Assistant

Miss Baines – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Wright – Dining Hall Supervisor


Mr Cooke – Caretaker

Mrs Mouncey – Cleaner

Mr Stevens – Cleaner