Pocklington Community Junior School


Our own bespoke curriculum is based on 8 key values which have been chosen by the pupils, parents, governors and staff. These values are what we believe all children in our care should develop in during their time with us. These underpin everything we do – how we treat each other, how we work with pupils and the work we plan. Our key values are;

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Confidence
  • Independence
  • Aspiration
  • Hard work
  • Kindness
  • Resilience

We believe that if every child develops these values, they will meet the academic expectations at the end of Year 6, but they will also leave ready for the next stage of their lives with a robust character which sets them up to continue achieving, wherever life takes them.

Our curriculum is delivered through an ‘Enquiry-Led’ approach to learning. This is fundamentally different from learning about a ‘Topic’ or a ‘Theme’. At the start of each term, children are exposed to a range of carefully curated stimuli, and from there our staff help the children ask questions to explore these in more detail. Through a series of immersion tasks, staff are able to identify, with the help of the children, the areas of interest around these stimuli which form our context learning.

Staff then plan sequences of learning which are skills-led and – where possible – context free, and then facilitate the children developing these skills through the context they have chosen. As we plan from a skill (for example: Use shading to show light and shadow), we can develop and apply this skill to any context, be that learning about why the vikings settled close to the sea, or how stone age hunters began to use tools. Our staff weave in breadth of coverage objectives from our own bespoke curriculum to ensure that all children have a broad and balanced foundation of knowledge, but this may not look like a block of coverage looking at just one time period – we may cover elements of the stone age multiple times in a year as a reference point for other learning, using compare and contrast approaches.

Governors began this process in June 2018, with a view to the revised curriculum being ready for the 2019/2020 academic year. This will begin a cycle of curriculum review every 4 years, in line with the length of a child’s experience in our school.

Our curriculum coverage documents are listed below. These are currently in draft form and may change as we embed the curriculum and ensure we constantly challenge the pupils. The curriculum is structured as follows: subject skeleton documents which map out an expected progression from Early Years through to Year 6 and then subject ‘Development Tracks’ which clarify the learning journey and support teachers in delivering consistent learning across classes and across the school.

Religious education is delivered in line with the East Riding of Yorkshire’s agreed syllabus. The school has taken the opportunity to devise a collective worship policy which dovetails with our approach to PSHCE, providing a different dimension to learning about the self and enhancing our offering to the children. The collective worship policy is available here.

Academic Packages and Approaches

Our Maths curriculum follows the curriculum support documents produced by the White Rose Maths Hub, although we have taken the material and adapted certain elements to ensure that it fully meets the needs of our children. Two of our staff are involved with a local Research School and their work with the development of the teaching of Maths based on current research evidence.

Beginning in September 2019, the school now uses Science Bug as a framework for delivering Science across the school. Due to the changing structures within the school, the school runs a 2 year rolling cycle of science. The content coverage for 2019/20 is included above. Further details can be provided by the school on request.

We provide free access to all pupils to DoodleMaths – an online, app-based resource aimed at consolidating learning in Maths in a fun, engaging way. All pupils have their own account for this; please speak to your child’s class teacher for more information or if there are any issues with the app.

We have a school-wide reading  programme from the Oxford University Press, which provides challenging reading material up to and including Year 6.


As a school we believe in the power of music. Not only is the enjoyment of music part of most adults daily lives, it also provides the opportunity for children to have to work together, develop listening skills, think creatively and enjoy the beauty and simplicity of music. In addition to the coverage through the curriculum in class, we have a very active group of 1:1 and small group music teachers who work with us from the authority teaching the guitar, flute, clarinet, violin, piano – to name but a few! We are a Music Mark School Member and have recognised the power of music in supporting children with a range of needs, including providing music sessions free-of-charge for children with additional behavioural needs, and supporting gifted and talented musicians in school.

PE Provision

Our PE provision covers numerous activities including a variety of sports and dance. We actively take part in inter-school competitions and have been successful at the annual swimming gala in recent years.