Pocklington Community Junior School

School News 5th Feb 21


Dear parents and carers,

Next week’s weather is set to be very cold with sleet and rain showers every day. Please ensure your child has a warm weatherproof coat, hat, gloves and scarf plus a change of footwear – our playground has a lot of surface water and feet are getting very wet on rainy days.

We have had a lovely week of zoom calls, if you haven’t managed to join, please do join next week. If you have not received a link to Monday’s class zoom call, then please contact to check you have agreed to our terms of use and are on the distribution list.

Although the roads are quieter, please do not drop off in the yellow marked zones around school. Please only drop off in areas where is is safe and legal to do so – the traffic wardens are still actively monitoring schools.

A reminder we are now in next Friday 12th February – this is no longer a training day and school is open for key worker children as usual.

Thank you for the wonderful entries for the ‘Winter Skies’ competition. We have had lovely comments from parents to say how much they are enjoying getting involved in this.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs S Carlisle

Head of School