Pocklington Community Junior School

Lower School Home Learning

January 2022 – work for Classes Iroquois & Cheyenne

Enquiry – Geography – Cities

Enquiry – UK Cities Activity Sheet

Enquiry – WALT – Enquiry – UK Cities

Literacy-tasks for week-24th Jan

Spellings- spelling list- 24th Jan

Spellings- task- 24th Jan

Maths – 4Ops – 3 Sessions to do over the week

Maths – Dividing – Lesson 1 (Recap lesson) – Answers

Maths – Dividing – Lesson 1 (Recap lesson) – Finesse sheet

Maths – Dividing – Lesson 1 (Recap lesson) – Powerpoint

Maths – Dividing – Lesson 2 – Answers

Maths – Dividing – Lesson 2 – Finesse sheet

Maths – Dividing – Lesson 2 – Powerpoint

Maths – Dividing – Lesson 3 – Answers

Maths – Dividing – Lesson 3 – Finesse sheet

Maths – Dividing – Lesson 3 – Powerpoint

Maths – Dividing – Lesson 4 – Answers

Maths – Dividing – Lesson 4 – Finesse sheet

Maths – Dividing – Lesson 4 – Powerpoint

January 2022 work for Class Navajo, Class Apache & Class Cherokee

Week 7th February

Literacy-Homophones-handwriting-7th February 2022

Literacy-homophones-spelling sheet 7th February

Literacy-Homophones-wordsearch-7th February 2022

Maths-perimeter-finesse-7th February 2022

Maths-perimeter-finesse answers-7th February 2022

Week 27th Jan- 4th Feb

Literacy-Coordinating conjunctions-27th Jan

Literacy-Subordinating conjunctions 28th Jan

Literacy-apostrophes-powerpoint-31st Jan

Literacy-apostrophes-31st Jan

Literacy-apostrophes-1st Feb

Geography-map work-powerpoint-31st Jan

Geography-map work-worksheet-31st Jan

Maths-Division-finesse answers-27th Jan

Maths-Division-finesse-27th Jan

Maths-Division-finesse-27th Jan

Maths-Division-finesse-28th Jan

Maths-Division-finesse answers-28th Jan

Maths-Division-powerpoint-28th Jan

Maths-Division-finesse-31st Jan

Maths-Division-powerpoint-31st Jan

Maths-Division-finesse-1st Feb

Maths-Division-powerpoint-1st Feb

Science-light and shadow-worksheet-28th Jan

Science-light and shadow-powerpoint-28th Jan

Geography-maps-powerpoint-2nd February 22

Geography-maps-worksheet-2nd February 22

Literacy-story planning and writing-2nd 3rd February 22

Maths-perimeter-finesse-2nd February 22

Maths-perimeter-powerpoint-2nd February 22

Maths-perimeter-finesse answers-2nd February 22

Maths-perimeter-powerpoint-3rd February 22

Maths-perimeter-finesse-3rd February 22

Maths-perimeter-finesse answers-3rd February 22

Literacy-guided reading-worksheet-4th February 2022

Maths-4ops-powerpoint-4-10th February 2022

Maths-perimeter-finesse answers-4th February 2022

Maths-perimeter-finesse-4th February 2022

Maths-perimeter-powerpoint-4th February 2022

Week 24th Jan

Maths-4ops-Powerpoint-24th Jan

Maths-multiplication-Powerpoint-24th Jan

Maths-multiplication-finesse-24th Jan

Maths-multiplication-finesse answers-24th Jan 22

Maths-multiplication-Powerpoint-25th Jan 22

Maths-multiplication-finesse-25th Jan 22

Maths-multiplication-finesse answers-25th Jan

Maths-multiplication-Powerpoint-26th Jan

Maths-multiplication-finesse-26th Jan

Maths-multiplication-finesse answers-26th Jan

Maths-4ops-Powerpoint-31st Jan

Literacy-Guided Reading-Text-20th Jan 22

Literacy-Guided Reading-Questions-20th Jan

DT-Bridges-Powerrpoint-24th Jan 22

Literacy-Conjunctions-Powerpoint-24th Jan

Literacy-reading comprehension-25th January


Remote learning statement for website Jan 21

Dear Parent/ Carer,

Home Learning Wednesday 6th January 2021 : Home Learning for Years 3-6 – Wednesday 6th January 2021

Home Learning Tuesday 5th January 2021

Home Learning for Years 3-6 – Tuesday 5th January 2021

Lower School home learning will be available on this page from week commencing 15th June. Our other page is still available should you still want activities from there.

If you feel your child is not able to access the home learning for any reason, as before please email the school email addresses below and a member of staff will be in touch to offer support.

A message to your child:

If you are not able to complete all the work each week, please don’t not worry or get anxious.

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All My Learning issues can be reported to the help desk:

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Extra learning ideas and Stay Active at home: Look here for extra learning and stay active fun!

Week 12 13th-17th July 2020



RE:  RE Lesson 12 – Design and advertise a Pilgrimage

FrenchFrench The Weather

DT:  D.T. lesson 5

Science:  Science lesson 5

GeographyGeography lesson 7

Week 11 6th-10th July 2020



RE: Lesson 11 – Buddhist pilgrimage

FrenchFrench Lesson

DT:  Design and technology lesson 4

Geography:  Geography lesson 6

ScienceScience Lesson

Week 10 29th June – 3rd July



RE:  RE Lesson 10 – Vesak celebration_

French:  French Lesson

Science:  Science lesson

Geography:  Geography lessons

DT:  Design and technology lesson 3

Week 9 22nd-26th June 2020



RE:  RE Lesson 9- Buddhist prayer flags

French:  French lesson


DT:  Design and technology 2

Geography:  Geography lessons 3 and 4

Week 8 15th-19th June 2020



RERE Lesson 8 – Designing a Buddhist Temple

FrenchFrench lesson

Geography: Geography Lessons 1 and 2

D&TDesign and technology 

ScienceScience lesson