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Education from Home

Dear Parents,

Please find some educational links below that will be really useful for children to use at home.

Should you have any questions, our contact emails are:


**From week commencing 20th April 2020 – We now have a structured page for each year group which can be found under the Home Learning tab.**

Please use this link for 60 Virtual Tours and Trips

Over Easter

Dear Parents / Carers,

We have provided further work for your child to access over the Easter holidays. Whereas normally children would not be expected to undertake formal school work in the holidays, we recognise that many parents are under increased pressure to work from home and would appreciate us  in supporting their children during this time. There are also many children who enjoy the routine of school work and will enjoy continuing to learn during the holidays. There is however, no expectation from school that the children have to do the work provided in the Easter holidays; this is an option for families that want it.

Please do contact school through the following email addresses above if you have any questions about the work provided.

If you are for any reason unable to access the work through the website, please email your child’s teacher using the email provided and we will arrange for paper copies of the work to be available for collection from school during the holidays.

Kind regards and Happy Easter!

Sarah Carlisle

Year 3/4:

Maths & English Workbooks:

Y3 Activity Booklet (v2)

Y3 Activity Booklet – ANSWERS(l)

Y4 Activity Booklet (l)

Y4 Activity Booklet – ANSWERS(l)

Science Experiment: Dissolving

Reading & Comprehension:

Create 2 – Chapter 4 onwards – this is a continuation of the work set during the last 2 weeks.

Holi – Lower School More Challenging Activity

Sharks Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Tigers Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity


Year 5: Please continue with Maths and Literacy as usual

Icarus reading comprehension task

Design a vase template

Greek vase instructions

Origin of Latin vocabulary task

Origin of Latin reading comprehension

Origin of Latin comprehension questions

Origin of Latin comprehension answers

Easter Bunny Rabbit Craft Instructions

Easter Bunny Rabbit Template

Easter Carrot 3D craft

Easter chick paper craft


Year 6:

Year 6 Day-by-Day Lessons

Year 6 Geography project

Year 6 Project Theme Park

Year 6 Science Project on Evolution and Inheritance

Work Set Week Commencing 16th March – 3rd April

Activity Workbook: My_Activity_Book_Yrs_7_11

  • DoodleMaths, DoodleEnglish & DoodleSpell are all available for children to download. Please use you DoodleMaths login to access. These apps self level to your child’s ability.

Lower School Work from Home Activities

Lower School Maths Workbook part 2

Lower School Maths Workbook

PowerPoint – Compare Lengths

PowerPoint – Measure Perimeter

PowerPoint – Calculate Perimeter

PowerPoint – Perimeter on a Grid

PowerPoint – Perimeter of a Rectangle

PowerPoint – Perimeter of Rectilinear Shapes

PowerPoint – What Is Area

Lower School Answer Sheets:











Year 5 Work from Home Plan:

Y5-W7 -Add-and-subtract-fractions-2019



Y5-W10 – Add-fractions-2019





Years 5-6 spellings

1. Bingo Activities w.b. 23-03-2020

2 Bingo Activities w b 30-03-2020 – Year 5 – ADDED 27th MARCH 2020

Help Sheet: 1. Convert from mixed number to improper

Help Sheet: 1. Convert from improper to mixed number

Help PowerPoint – Add and Subtract Fractions

Year 5 Answer Sheets









Year 6 Work from Home Plan

Year 6 Optional Animal Art project – ADDED 27th MARCH 2020

Year 6 writing project – ADDED 31st MARCH 2020

Year Six music project – OPTIONAL 


Parent Link – Think Ninja – help with anxiety for children aged 10-18 years.

Website Links:

Maths by Carol Vorderman:


Ideas for Play – Stay Active & Have Fun

Let’s Move – Stay Active – this link was kindly suggested by Skylar – Girl Scouts, Troop 46

Music, Exercise & activity

PE with Joe Wicks –

Go noodle – songs with keep fit –

BBC Supermovers –

Cosmic Yoga –

Facebook Sites with Fun Ideas for Children:

UK Kidswindows

London Play

Inspire my play

Chester Zoo Live

Play Scotland

Bristol Library – 2pm story everyday

Play Groundology

Children’s Scrap Store Bristol

Play England

The Power of Play

We believe in outdoor play

5 Minute Crafts

Learning and exploring through play

Early Years Scotland

Planning Playtime – Learning through Play