Pocklington Community Junior School

Collective Worship

Principles of Collective Worship at Pocklington Community Junior School:

We believe that collective worship is an integral part of our school ethos and allows us, as a school, to provide a cohesive way to:

  • Reinforce the strong sense of community in our school and the wider environment
  • Share our whole school values
  • Contemplate ourselves and our place in the world with reference to current global events
  • Contemplate our beliefs(both spiritual and moral) and explore the beliefs of others
  • Share in and celebrate the wonder and diversity of the world in which we live
  • Make links to our curriculum and reinforce spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Experience reflection through meditation, prayer and silence

Our weekly Collective Worship topics are detailed below:


9th March 2020 – Expressing Our Emotions

2nd March 2020 – Trailblazers

24th February 2020 – Tree Conservation

10th February 2020 – Safer Internet use

3rd February 2020 – British News – Brexit

20th & 27th January 2020 – Being Inclusive – Disability Awareness

13th January 2020 – People/Animals who help us – Introducing Therapy Dogs

2nd December 2019 – Understanding the meaning of Advent.

25th November 2019 – Understanding autism.

18th November 2019 – Why should I be good?

11th November 2019 – Anti-bullying week

21st October 2019 – Courage – what does courage look like?

14th October 2019 – Keeping ourselves safe

7th October 2019 – Different types of love, tackling homophobic language

30th September 2019 – Global issues and climate change linked to stewardship

23rd September 2019 – What is democracy and why is it important?

16th September 2019 – What is meant by sustainability?

9th September 2019 – What is a pioneer?


1st July 2019 – How important is family to you?

24th June 2019 – Can animals think?

17th June 2019 – Should we treat animals as we choose based on a bible verse?

10th June 2019 – Looking after our planet.

3rd June 2019 – Why do we need stewards of the earth?

20th May 2019 – What is Judaism?

13th May 2019 – What is mindfulness?

6th May 2019 – How can we learn to recognise and manage anxiety in ourselves and others?

29th April 2019 – How can we persevere?

22nd April 2019 – Why do we celebrate St. George’s Day?

1st April 2019 – What is the Easter story?

25th March 2019 – Meditation – be aware of yourself and others.

18th March 2019 – How do people maintain their identity and faith around the world?

11th March 2019 – What does it mean to have faith? – What does it mean to have faith?

25th February 2019 & 4th March 2019 – Living your dreams – Why do some people strive to live their dream?

11th February 2019 – Keeping Safe – How can we protect ourselves online?

4th February 2019 – Helping others in need – Focus on Homeless people.

28th January 2019 – Right and Wrong – How do we choose the right actions?

21st January 2019 – Right and Wrong – How do we know and learn right from wrong?

14th January 2019 – Making Life better – What did you resolve to do to make life better?

7th January 2019 – New Year’s Resolutions – Can New Year’s resolutions help make life better?

3rd December 2018 – Responsibility – Why should we take responsibility for our actions?

26th November 2018 – Caring – How can we show we care?

19th November 2018 – Being Kind – A continuation of treating each other with respect in different scenarios e.g. sport

12th November 2018 – Being kind – How can we treat each other with respect?

5th November 2018 – Poetry – How can poetry make us appreciate the world we live in?

22nd October 2018 – Disabilities – Exploring Mental Health as a disability.

15th October 2018 – Prayer & Meditation – How does visualisation help us to experience spirituality?

Exploring Meditation

8th October 2018 – Prayer & Meditation – Why do people pray?

1st October 2018 – Hope – What is meant by hope and why is it important?

24th September 2018 – Freedom & Responsibility – can you have freedom without responsibility, making choices between right and wrong and being responsible for our actions.

17th September 2018 – Global issues – whose responsibility is it to care for our planet?

10th September 2018 – Why are we here? – exploring the relationship between science and religion.

3rd September 2018 – Introducing the wonder of nature – an open discussion on the wonder of our planet, what does a sense of wonder mean and feel like.