Pocklington Community Junior School

Year 5 Gallery


Exploring the Yorkshire Museum and Ancient Greece

Separation of ingredients.


December Enquiry Landings


Teamwork and design and technology with dried spaghetti and marshmallows!

Class Landings – Space Exploration and Mayan Culture

Art class

Exploring body language and emotions

Using evidence to decipher true and fake news

Circuit Training in PE

Year 5 2017-2018

World War II Landing


Raising the roof with music and creating the Blitz in art.


Learning about and playing the Gamelan music of Indonesia.


Using the artist Henry Moore as inspiration we have been creating clay animal structures in his style.


Teamwork for balancing a gymnastic work.


Please see our School Gallery page for photographs of our Christmas production ‘A Child is Born’.

Our enquiry work led us through different portals. America then became our project homework, which was showcased at our exhibition of work morning.


Mayan Gods – Our Landing

Let battle commence – testing our trebuchets.

As part of our enquiry on travel we visited Burnby Hall Gardens to research artefacts and the travels of the Stewart family.

Our Medieval project work has led to some varied and interesting models for our project homework. This has been such an interesting subject for the children to learn about, as you can tell from the pictures below.