Pocklington Community Junior School

Year 3 Gallery

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Viking and Roman Enquiry Learning

Seed and Vegetable Planting

Sports Day Practice

Baking for Christmas

Class Landings

Using virtual reality to explore inside a cave.

Enjoying a taster of Taekwondo.

Working up a sweat during a trampoline exercise class.

Year 3 2017-2018

Our Landing with Class McCall Smith – Ancient Egypt


Cooking and eating food for Chinese New Year.


Excellent ball control and hockey skills from Class Strong.


The children really focused on their art in class and really enjoyed planning their colours and patterns.


The children were set the task of independently researching and writing about: What is Skara Brae? What was found at Skara Brae? As the children found facts they were discussing these with each other and helping to spell the more difficult words. There was real interest in the topic which links to the work being undertaken on ancient stones. Skara Brae can be found just off Orkney Islands and was discovered in 1850 after a storm blew away the sand dunes to reveal stone ruins. Skara Brae was one an ancient village made up of single room houses built from stone.


Our Class Landing with Class Strong – Ancient Egypt


Enquiry led learning – Egyptians


Cooking and eating food for Chinese New Year.


Fun & games learning to tell the time.


The class have been practising playing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star of the steel pan drums.


As a class we have been reading Michael Morpurgo’s book ‘Coming Home’. The children explained that the story follows the journey of a robin who gets lost on his way home. He gets hit by a wave and luckily lands on a boat where a sailor takes care of him until he is strong enough to fly home. During the lesson the children explored the feelings of the Robin and also what words could be used to describe him.