Pocklington Community Junior School

Year 3 / 4 Gallery





Using light to demonstrate how the sun reflects onto the moon and to make shadow puppets.


Testing if light can pass through different materials

Exploring Rome using virtual scenes on the iPads.

The Forbidden City walls were built using sticky rice and egg white – this is our test!


December Enquiry Landings

Class Armstrong designing and making their own food bars.


African Gumboot Dance

DNA sequencing

Collage art

Class landing on fossils

Year 3/4 2017-2018

A very emotive performance from Class Deary for their Pompeii Landing


Class Deary enjoyed a visit from South Cave Falconry to learn more about the physiology of birds of prey. We also saw a Harris Hawk flying!


Christmas fun and games on the last day!


Our exhibition of work had two parts – our project work and our ‘Museum of Mythical Beasts’ poem. we hope you enjoyed it.


More preparation for our ‘Mythical Beasts’ poem! The children have worked really hard creating their masks ready for painting into their beast. Keep a look out for the finished masks.


Practicing our ‘Museum of Mythical Beasts’ poem for our landing.


Class Deary really set the pace during PE! Everyone worked really hard during circuits which made the yoga cool down even more satisfying. Well done everyone!