Pocklington Community Junior School



PocklingTEAM is our flagship approach to engaging children in the life of the school. This team of pupils undertake myriad jobs around the school, and by being a part of PocklingTEAM are recognising that they live up to our values and high expectations on a daily basis.

In essence, PocklingTEAM are the beating heart of our school community: they’ll help you make a friend at playtime, they’re school councillors, sports leaders, travel ambassadors and peace makers, they’ll open your unopenable yoghurt at lunchtime, and wipe the table after the inevitable yoghurt explosion, they will be the person who answers the phone during lunchtime.

PocklingTEAM is a way for children to help run the school and make a difference and a visible recognition that each team member is living up to the highest expectations.

We welcome anyone to come and see our approach to child engagement. We’re very, very proud of what our children do.

School Councillors 2018/19

School elections are due to take place during September 2018