Pocklington Community Junior School

School Transport

The majority of our pupils live in close proximity to the school and we encourage a healthy journey to school by walking, cycling or scooting. Some children who live in the outlying villages come to school by bus or taxi. If parents drop off or collect children by car, we ask that they park responsibly and do not block our neighbours access. The yellow zig zags around school are there for the safety of everyone around school and should not be used for stopping or parking at the start or end of the school day.

ERYC Home to School Transport Arrangements

ERYC provides bus (or taxi) transport to and from school for eligible children. Details and guidance on this service can be found on the their website. Buswise is a website provided by ERYC to offer guidance on a safe and happy journey to and from school.

Cycle to School

We provide cycle racks in the playground for children who would like to travel to school by bike.

Scoot to School

We  provide scooter sheds in the playground for children to store their scooters safely during the day.