Pocklington Community Junior School

School Policies

Our school is compliant with policies which are determined by a range of stakeholders, including policies which are applied by the Wolds Learning Partnership, policies which originate from East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC), and policies developed by Pocklington Community Junior School. The origin of these policies is indicated below in case you would like to query any element.   

All Wolds Learning Partnership policies are available on the Trust website, accessible here.

If you require a policy which is not available on the website, please don’t hesitate to contact the school office.

Pocklington Junior School Admissions Policy 20_21

Pocklington Junior School Admissions Policy 21_22 (1)

Pocklington Junior School Catchment Map

Attendance Policy  (Wolds Learning Partnership)

Accessibility Plan 2020-2021 (Pocklington Juniors) – pending Governor Approval

Anti-Bullying Policy (Wolds Learning Partnership)

Anti-Bullying Policy into Practice  (Pocklington Juniors)

Asbestos Policy (ERYC)

Behaviour and discipline policy (Wolds Learning Partnership)

Behaviour & Relationship Policy 2020-21 School Specific Guidance (Pocklington Juniors) – pending Governor approval

Bereavement Policy 2020 (Pocklington Community Junior School – pending Governor Approval

Charging and Remissions Policy (Wolds Learning Partnership)

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (Wolds Learning Partnership)

Child Protection Policy & Procedure (Pocklington Juniors)

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy into Practice Guidance (Pocklington Juniors)

Collective Worship Policy (Pocklington Juniors)

Complaints Policy and Procedure (Wolds Learning Partnership)

Health & Safety Policy (Wolds Learning Partnership)

Looked After Children Policy 2020 (Pocklington Juniors)

Parent Guidelines Social Media (Pocklington Juniors)

Play Policy (Pocklington Juniors)

SEND Policy 2020-21 (Pocklington Juniors) – pending Governor Approval

Sexting Policy (Pocklington Juniors)

Single Equality Plan (Wolds Learning Partnership)

SRE Policy (Wolds Learning Partnership)

Staff Code of Conduct  (Pocklington Juniors)

Teaching and Learning Policy (Pocklington Juniors)

Whistleblowing Policy & Procedure (Wolds Learning Partnership)