Pocklington Community Junior School

Parent / Carer Workshops

School Community Coffee Mornings 9.05am – 10.20am every Thursday

As a school we are committed to working together with parents who may need support or just somewhere they can be heard, get advice or gain information from others. Our Thursday coffee mornings are open to all parents and carers and were introduced to create a community of support. We also invite specialists in to visit school to run workshops on areas that may be of concern for parents and carers, such as anxiety, mental health and keeping safe. Some of these will be on different days.

Mental Health Workshop- Monday 15th January 2018 

If you attended our mental health workshop, we hope you found it useful. Please find below the presentation and useful links and resources.

Presentation: Mental Health Workshop

Website links:

MindEd – E-learning to support healthy minds

Charlie Waller Memorial Trust – Depression – let’s get talking

Supporting a child with Anxiety – Thursday 7th December 2017

This was our first main workshop for parents and we are delighted that so many of you attended. Please find below the presentation from the morning and pictures of the support material recommended.

Presentation: Anxiety Parent and Carer Workshop Pocklington

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Mrs Cave on 01759 302224