Pocklington Community Junior School


“When we were making the decision to move school, I think you always question as a parent if you are doing the right thing – but we definitely have” – Year 4 parent

If you are interested in your child attending our school we warmly welcome you to come and have a look around and see the school in action so you can make an informed decision. Please contact Mrs Yeates on 01759 302224 to make arrangements to visit.

Although we are an academy, our school still chooses to follow the admissions policies and procedures of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. This ensures we remain a community school at heart.

We currently have 277 pupils on roll, and our school can provide education for 320 pupils. This means that there are spaces available in most year groups. We believe we can meet the needs of the overwhelming majority of applicants to our school and have particular strengths in supporting children who are classified as Looked After Children or Post-Looked After Children, as well as children with Special Educational Needs thanks to our robust support and development systems in school. We will do everything we can to support your child and make sure they thrive while they are with us.

We are also particularly well equipped to smoothly manage transition to our school. Due to every child having to transition to us in Year 3 we have a well-practised process which we use to support children joining us in other year groups or mid-way through the school year. This is particularly relevant due to the number of new houses in the area and families moving mid-year. Here’s what some of our most recent arrivals say:

“We’re so glad we moved him here – he’s doing so much better. The teaching is great!” – Year 4 parent

“I can’t believe the amount of work and progress in ten weeks!” – Year 5 parent

“He is so much happier here – he had been at a standstill with his learning for years. Already he has made big progress” – Year 6 parent.

Details of our school’s Admission Policy can be found on the local authority website, including all the relevant documents and support for the process. However, if you want your child to join our school, come and talk to us and we can provide support directly. We can also give you an indication of whether we will be able to accept your child immediately, which class they would likely join, and who their teacher might be, all as part of a tour round the school.