Pocklington Community Junior School

Year 4 Gallery

Please see our Year 3/4 Gallery for our most recent pictures.


York History Trip


Medieval Feast for Enquiry Learning


Using green screen technology for bringing poems to life

Exploring loneliness for enquiry learning at William Wilberforce Care Home

Sports disability awareness

Steel Drum playing

Rock investigations


Rome’s Got Talent with Class Nimmo


Researching the best conductor of electricity.


Working up a sweat in PE circuits.


Animal antics as the class categorised animals to create a key – there were birds, mammals and fish flying, walking and swimming around the classroom.


With Christmas coming, we designed something to sew with a Christmas theme. As you can see it took a lot of concentration to get the job done.


Our project work on display and a working water fountain – just some of the delights for our parents to see during our exhibition morning.


Rome’s Got Talent with Class Wootten

Some hard work in circuits today.

The class creating their own animal categorisation charts by using yes and no questions.

Samba fun during PE.

The class were sewing Christmas designs including baubles, snowmen and Christmas trees. Lots of concentration was shown in class!

Our class projects has been water. There has been some amazing work from the children this term.